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13. Views [plugin]

13.1. Introduction

Views are recordings of CartoWeb maps states at a given moment. One may see them as a kind of bookmarks: while browsing maps in CartoWeb interface, users can save the current state (map extent, selected layers, queries, annotations, etc.) under a label of their choice. It is then possible to access later those saved states.

Views are shared among users and are - in the current version - available to every user. Access to views edition functionalities (creation, modification, deletion) can be restricted to some categories of users. The default configuration only allows "admin"-roled users to perform view edition.

13.2. Views Configuration

The views device consists of two parts:

  • a main controlling system that handles views detection, loading, recording and storage.
  • a "views" plugin that provides a graphical interface for performing views loading and edition. This plugin is not mandatory to have views working but greatly enhances the device usability.