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9. Queries [coreplugin] (query)

Core plugin Query allows to search for geographical objects. Found objects are hilighted and if requested related data are returned to client.

Depending on configuration and user choices, queries are executed on one layer, several layers or all layers currently displayed on map.

Queries can be executed on a geographic selection or using a list of object IDs. Geographic selection can be a point, a rectangle, a polygon or a circle but is a rectangle by default. The second way to execute a query is used in particular to maintain selection persistence: object IDs are stored client-side and sent to server each time the page is reloaded.

Hilighting objects can be done using standard Mapserver queries or using special Hilight plugin. See Section 9.3.3, “Hilight Configuration” for more information.

Results are returned and displayed using Tables plugin. See Section 9.1.2, “Tables Configuration” for more information.

9.1. Client-side Co