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7. Navigation [coreplugin] (location)

The plugin location is the core plugin that deals with geographic navigation on the map. It handles bboxes (visible areas) and scales; it drives the tools zoom-in, zoom-out and panning, the directional arrows around the main map and the overview map.

The corresponding configuration files are location.ini (client-side) and location.ini (server-side).

7.1. Client-side Configuration

Here are the options that can be set:

  • scalesActive: boolean, if true, the scales dropdown list is displayed (default: false). If no visible scales are defined on the server, a simple input text will be displayed.
  • freeScaleActive: boolean, if true, the free scales input is displayed (default: false). This allow the user to freely set a scale value that is different from the predefined scales. There are a few conditions for this to work:
    • scal