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17. Internationalization

17.1. Translations

Translation handling in CartoWeb was designed to use gettext . However internationalization architecture is ready for other translation systems.


Scripts detailed below are only available in command line prompts ("DOS", shell). They cannot be launched using a web browser.

17.1.1. Configuration

For now only gettext translation system is implemented. If gettext is not installed, you can use a dummy translation system which translates nothing. To use gettext, you will need to have PHP gettext module installed.

Translation system is now automatically set to gettext if gettext is installed otherwise it's disabled. Parameter I18nClass is now deprecated. Unix-like

In Unix-like environments, file /etc/locale.alias contains aliases to installed locales. For each language used, a line must be present in this file. The alias ('fr' in the example below) must point to a locale installed on the system.

fr    fr_CH.ISO-8859-1

You will need to run locale-gen after editing /etc/locale.alias<