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4. Configuration Files

When installing CartoWeb, the administrator of the application may want to adapt it to the environnement use. This can be easily done using configuration parameters.

Some are required and CartoWeb won't correctly work if they're not set. Others are optional but could hardly change the application behavior.

You will also find specific config parameters in the plugins related chapters of this documentation.

4.1. Common client.ini and server.ini Options

Common options for both client and server. These parameters are available in client_conf/client.ini for client and server_conf/server.ini for server.

  • profile = development|production|custom: current settings profile. The development profile has no cache activated and makes SOAP work in WSDL mode. The production profile has all caches activated for best performances. Setting this parameter to development or production will override some parameters in the configuration. The custom profile means the parameters about caching and other are not overrided.
  • useWsdl = true|false: if true, WSDL will be used for sending SOAP requests. This will add some processing time but ensures that SOAP requests are well-structured. In addition, WSDL is necessary when interfacing the Web Service with a strong-typed language built application.

Cache options. See Section 5.6, “Caches Configuration”.

Developer options. See Section 4.5, “Developer Specific Configuration”.

4.2.  client.ini

CartoServer access configuration:

  • cartoserverDirectAccess = true|false: toggles between SOAP and direct modes. Direct access gives enhanced performances, but is only available if CartoServer runs on the same server as CartoClient.
  • cartoclientBaseUrl: base URL of the CartoClient
  • cartoserverBaseUrl: base URL of the CartoServer (i.e. path containing the cartoserver.wsdl.php fi