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all, Special Role Names
anonymous, Special Role Names
applySecurity, Layers Related Permissions
areaFactor, outline.ini
authActive, auth.ini (Client-side)
autoClassLegend, Layers Legends


bbox (initial), Related Elements Elsewhere
block positioning, PDF, Blocks Positioning
Blocks configuration, PDF, Blocks Configuration, Blocks Configuration
bottomLayers, Layer exclusion


charsetUtf8, CSV, CSV Export
collapsibleKeymap, Keymap and Scalebar Options
Colors, PDF, Colors definition
Column reorder, Column reorder
Coreplugins, What are Plugins
crosshairSymbol, Client-side Configuration
crosshairSymbolColor, Client-side Configuration
crosshairSymbolSize, Client-side Configuration
CSV export plugin, CSV Export


dbSecurityDsn, auth.ini (Client-side)
dbSecurityQueryRoles, auth.ini (Client-side)
dbSecurityQueryUser, auth.ini (Client-side)
defaultAttributes, query.ini
defaultHilight, query.ini
defaultMaskmode, query.ini
defaultPolicy, query.ini
defaultTable, query.ini
displayExtendedSelection, query.ini
drawQueryUsingHilight, query.ini


editDisplayAction, edit.ini
editLayers, edit.ini
editResultNbCol, edit.ini
edit_attributes, Metadatas
edit_geometry_column, Metadatas
edit_geometry_type, Metadatas
edit_srid, Metadatas
edit_table, Metadatas
enableTransparency, Transparency selector
Export plugins, Export Plugins, Export Plugins
extent, Related Elements Elsewhere


filename, CSV, CSV Export
Filters, Filters
force_imagetype , Automatic Image Type Switch
Formats configuration, PDF, Formats Configuration
formats object, PDF, formats


General configuration, PDF, General Configuration
general object, PDF, general


Hilight, Hilight Configuration
hilight_color, Normal Mode
hilight_createlayer, Normal Mode
hilight_transparency, Normal Mode
HTML export plugin, HTML Export


idRecenterActive, Client-side Configuration
idRecenterLayers, Client-side Configuration
id_attribute_string, Meta Data
ignoreQueryThreshold, MapServer Query Configuration
Image blocks, PDF, Image Blocks
image mode, Image Output
imagetype, General Image Type
initial mapstate, Initial Mapstates
insertedFeaturesMaxNumber, edit.ini
Internationalization, I18n, Internationalization


labelMode, outline.ini
layergroups, LayerGroups Options
layerReorder, Layer Reorder Plugin
layers, Layers Options
Legend, Layers Legends
Legend blocks, PDF, Legend Block
lineLayer, outline.ini
loggedIn, Special Role Names


mapHeight, Main Map Options
mapId, Introduction
mapOverlay, Introduction
mapSizes.#.height, Main Map Options
mapSizes.#.label, Main Map Options
mapSizes.#.width, Main Map Options
mapSizesActive, Main Map Options
mapSizesDefault, Main Map Options
mapWidth, Main Map Options
maskColor, outline.ini
mask_color, Mask Mode
mask_transparency, Mask Mode
maxMapHeight, Server-side Configuration
maxMapWidth, Server-side Configuration
maxResults, MapServer Query Configuration
maxScale, Server-side Configuration
minScale, Server-side Configuration
multipleShapes, outline.ini


noBboxAdjusting, Server-side Configuration
noDrawKeymap, Keymap and Scalebar Options
noDrawScalebar, Keymap and Scalebar Options
North Arrow blocks, PDF, North Arrow Block


outputformat, General Image Type
outside_mask, Mask Mode
Overall configuration, PDF, Overall Configuration


panRatio, Client-side Configuration
PDF, PDF Export
persistentQueries, query.ini
Plugin adaptation, Adapting a Plugin
Plugin creation, Writing a Plugin
Plugin extension, Extending a Plugin
Plugin overriding, Overriding a Plugin
Plugins, What are Plugins
Plugins calling, How Plugins Are Called
Plugins interfaces implementations, How Plugins Are Called
Plugins structure, Plugins Structure
pointLayer, outline.ini
polyLayer, outline.ini
Projects, Projects Handling


queryLayers, query.ini
query_returned_attributes, Meta Data


recenterActive, Client-side Configuration
recenterDefaultScale, Server-side Configuration
recenterMargin, Server-side Configuration
refLinesActive, Server-side Configuration
refLinesFontSize, Server-side Configuration
refLinesSize, Server-side Configuration
refMarksColor, Server-side Configuration
refMarksInterval.#.interval, Server-side Configuration
refMarksInterval.#.maxScale, Server-side Configuration
refMarksOrigin, Server-side Configuration
refMarksSize, Server-side Configuration
refMarksSymbol, Server-side Configuration
refMarksSymbolSize, Server-side Configuration
refMarksTransparency, Server-side Configuration
Resources, Resources
returnAttributesActive, query.ini
Roles management, PDF, Roles Management
roles.USERNAME, auth.ini (Client-side)
root layergroup, LayerGroups Options
roRowId, query.ini


scaleModeDiscrete, Server-side Configuration
scales.#.label, Server-side Configuration
scales.#.value, Server-side Configuration
scales.#.visible, Server-side Configuration
scalesActive, Client-side Configuration
scaleUnitLimit, Client-side Configuration
securityContainer, auth.ini (Client-side)
separator, CSV, CSV Export
shortcuts.#.bbox, Server-side Configuration
shortcuts.#.label, Server-side Configuration
shortcutsActive, Client-side Configuration
showRefMarks, Client-side Configuration
Smarty Templates, Introduction
Special plugins, Special Plugins


Table blocks, PDF, Table Blocks
Tables, Tables
template object, PDF, Block Template and Overriding
Templates, Templating
Text blocks, PDF, Text Blocks
textDelimiter, CSV, CSV Export
topLayers, Layer exclusion
transparencyLevels, Transparency selector


users.USERNAME, auth.ini (Client-side)


View deletion, Deleting a View
View loading, Loading Views
View recording, Saving a View
View update, Updating a View
Views, Views
Views configuration, Views Configuration


weightOutlineLine, outline.ini
weightOutlinePoint, outline.ini
weightOutlinePoly, outline.ini
weightOutlineRectangle, outline.ini
weightPan, Client-side Configuration
weightQuery, query.ini
weightZoomIn, Client-side Configuration
weightZoomOut, Client-side Configuration
WMS Legend, WMS Layers Legends
wms_legend_graphic, WMS Layers Legends
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