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Installation Guide

  1. Fetch the archive there:

  2. Install Postgresql 8.1 (see

  3. Copy libdijkstra.dll from the pgdijkstra archive into the PostgreSQL lib directory (for instance C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.1\lib)
  4. Create your new database for pgdijkstra (or use an existing one or other user that postgres)
    • createdb -U postgres mydb

  5. Add plpgsql language
    • createlang plpgsql -U postgres mydb

  6. Add the pgdijkstra functions and types (add the correct path to dijkstra.sql from the archive):
    • psql -U postgres mydb -f c:\pgdijkstra\dijkstra.sql

  7. If you want to add postgis functions, you can type:
    • psql -U postgres mydb -f c:\pgdijkstra\dijkstra_postgis.sql

  8. You are done!

Compilation Guide

Note: It is certainly possible to do it differently, this is just one way to achieve compilation

  1. Install mingw and msys (see

  2. Install cygwin with boost and boost-dev packages (in Libs section)
  3. Add Postgresql bin directory to your path, so that when you type "pg_config", the command is found
  4. Fetch pgdijkstra and edit Makefile and set the correct path to BOOST_PATH variable. I have this with cygwin installed in c:\cygwin:
    • BOOST_PATH=c:/cygwin/usr/include/boost-1_33_1

  5. Type make. This should build the libdijkstra.dll and the dijkstra.sql file
  6. In dijkstra.sql, I replaced '$libdir/dijkstra' with '$libdir/libdijkstra.dll' (I don't know why this is not replaced correctly on win32).

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