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CartoWeb development philosophy is - as far as possible - to guarantee backward compatibility. In most cases, improvements and functionalities additions do not require to update customized projects - only the upstream part. However it may happen that some changes need to be backported in users projects.

This page lists such changes introduced between various CartoWeb releases (including CVS) and gives instructions on how to upgrade your projects, should you decide to use the latest CartoWeb version.

Incompatibilities Between CartoWeb HEAD/3.4.0 and CartoWeb 3.3.0

smarty "currentScale" template variable name was renamed


The smarty variable "currentScale" was renamed to "currentScale_value". This was done to prevent a conflict with Ajax mode on, the currentScale container id and the currentScale value had the same javascript variable name.

some features were removed from the toolTips plugin


Some features were removed from the tooltips plugin to enhance its stability. The "area_async" and the "area_direct" modes are not available anymore as they complicated the javascript code a lot and weren't used at all. Also the "timeout_async" was replaced by "tooltips" in the configuration files.

set/getCustomTemplate() methods renamed in toolTips plugin


setCustomTemplate() and getCustomTemplate() methods from QueryableLayer and LayerResult classes have been respectively renamed to setTemplate() and getTemplate() in the toolTips plugin.

Incompatibilities Between CartoWeb 3.3.0 and CartoWeb 3.2.0

Outline multipleShapes Set to True by Default in Config


Parameter multipleShapes is now set to true (was false) in default outline configuration file outline.ini.dist.

ServerMapQuery::queryByBbox Method is Deprecated


The ServerMapquery::queryByBbox() method is deprecated, and should be replaced by queryByShape().

Cartoclient.tpl Updated to Store Accounting Informations


If you want to store accounting information about some browser features, you need to update your cartoclient.tpl file. Put this inside the head element:

  {if $jsAccounting|default:''}<script type="text/javascript" src="{r type=js plugin=accounting}accounting.js{/r}"></script>{/if}

And this inside in the HTML form:

  {if $jsAccounting|default:''}
    <input type="hidden" name="js_accounting"/>

Query Tool Renamed to query_by_bbox


Ensure you have renamed weightQuery parameter to weightQueryByBbox and query.gif icon to query_by_bbox.gif, respectively in query.ini client-side configuration file and in MY_PROJECT/coreplugins/query/htdocs/gfx/ repository.

Incompatibilities Between CartoWeb 3.2.0 and CartoWeb 3.1.0

Outline CSS Rules Moved from cartoweb.css to outline.css


The CSS rules that set the visibility of the outline elements (<div>) in the templates have been moved from htdocs/css/cartoweb.css to plugin/outline/htdocs/css/outline.css. If you have customized those rules, you'll have to propagate the change in a project outline.css.

Make sure to have the outline.css inclusion in the <head> of your cartoclient.tpl. Look into the new cartoclient.tpl for reference.

MapOverlay Plugin not Loaded but Required by Outline Plugin


If the outline plugin is activated, you may have to activate the mapOverlay plugin as well in your server-side configuration. For instance:

mapInfo.loadPlugins = hilight, outline, exportPdf, mapOverlay

Persistent index.html


Static presentation file htdocs/index.html is no more deleted when lauching script cw3setup.php with --profile production (default profile). Thus it must be deleted by hand or by deployment scripts when necessary.

No Plugins Loaded by Default


In cartoweb3/client_conf/, parameter loadPlugins is now empty (plugins list has been transfered to project test_main). If necessary, explicitely add a loadPlugins parameter in your project client.ini.

Template File Renamed in exportPdf Plugin

<!> 2020-01-16: due to some code factorization, file form.tpl is back and calling special HTML/Smarty code in either formClassic.tpl or formRotate.tpl. As a result, the incompatibility with CartoWeb 3.1.0 is solved. <!>


An alternative form template has been added. To clarify files roles, form.tpl is now formClassic.tpl. If you have overloaded that file in your projects, make sure to rename your files as well.

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