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How To Setup You Various Projects Easily And Efficiently

Or How to use the --config-from-project option

Let say you have several projects and/or several cartoweb instance on your server.

You want specific installation configuration for all, you can then use the --config-from-project option when setting up your project.

This will look for a deployment config file containing specific configuration variable, like base-url, profile, etc ... for each projects.

First, simply type :

php cw3setup.php --install --config-from-project your_project_name

This will not work as you havent created the config file but the error message will tell you exactly what the file should be named. This is important as the filename must contain the path to your cartoweb installation.

The error message will be:

 Error during installation:

The installation process encountered an error and was aborted.
See the message below for an explanation of the problem.
If you want more information to find out the problem, try again with the --debug parameter.
If you think you found a bug in the installer or want support,
mail with the full output
of the installer launched with the --debug parameter.

Error message: Can't find project config file. It should be in one of the path (tried in order):


Installation aborted

You can see several filename possible, all will work fine but the more specific you are, the less problem you will have in the case you are running several cartoweb instance on your server.

The filename is simply the path to the cartoweb3 folder with the / replaced by _


ex: if your cartoweb3 folder path is /var/www/test/cartoweb3 and your computer name is testputer, the filename will be

Then in the config file, add all your configuration variables:

CARTOCLIENT_BASE_URL = "http://mycomputer/cartoweb3/htdocs/"
PROFILE = development

Then duplicate all the .ini file where you want to replace automatically the variable and rename them with a extension. Edit the file and replace all the values that should be automatically set by @SOMEVARIABLENAME@. For example @PROFILE@.

The setup script will replace the variables with the values you specified in the deployment config file and create the .ini files.

Create a folder named deployment at the root of your project (.../cartoweb3/projects/myproject/deployment/) and save the config file there.

Then simply call the install command once again :

php cw3setup.php --install --config-from-project demoCW3

This time the installation should execute without error and you wont have to remember what were all the base-url or profile for all your projects.

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