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This page explains how to install CartoWeb on a computer that has no access to the Internet.

First you need to retrieve the CartoWeb archives and to save them in a place accessible by the computer you want to install CartoWeb on (CD, USB device, SSH, FTP, ...).

You may get those files manually from the CartoWeb website ( or type the following commands (Unix systems).

Get the cartoweb-3.3.0.tar.gz archive:


Get the cartoweb-includes-3.3.0.tar.gz archive:


Uncompress them:

tar xzf cartoweb-3.3.0.tar.gz
tar xzf cartoweb-includes-3.3.0.tar.gz

Move the generated include/ directory into the generated cartoweb3/ directory:

mv include cartoweb3

Remove the archives:

rm cartoweb-*.tar.gz

Add a "version" file containing a "3.3.0" string into the cartoweb3/include/ directory:

cd cartoweb3
echo "3.3.0" > include/version

Launch the cw3setup.php script:

php cw3setup.php --install --base-url http://url/to/cartoweb3/htdocs/

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