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CartoWeb for Beginners

The aim of this workshop, originally given at the FOSS4G'06 conference, is to explain how you can install a very simple project in Cartoweb, and then progressively make it more complex, by

  • editing configuration files
  • customizing templates
  • adding layers and organizing them
  • enabling extension plugins

The installation part here is for Windows, but it is very easy to adapt the instructions for a LINUX OS. You may have a look at the installation part of the general Cartoweb documentation.

So follow the instructions in the slides, and enjoy. All the files you need are in the archive, separately stored for each step. As an emergency line, you'll also find in nearly each step folder a correctly working end state of the project. If you're lost, you can replace your corrupted project by this one and go on.

For questions or other feedback, use the Cartoweb-users mailing list

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