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exportGge is a KML export plugin released under GPL license for CartoWeb.

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With exportGge it is possible to :

  • view each CartoWeb generated map in Google Earth as a ground overlay

  • view each point , line, polygon as a placemark in Google Earth including metadata
  • view each mapserver layer inside Google Earth as a WMS layer. The WMS layer gets refreshed according to navigation inside Google Earth (Network links)
  • view all the above listed data inside Google Maps
  • the data exported to KML can be the full extent or a selection using cartoweb's querying features.

exportGge is intended to work with the latest CartoWeb version ( 3.4 RC1 ).

Some features might work on previous versions.

exportGge is available through the modified default demoCW3 CartoWeb project (demoCW3gge) here.

A demo is available online here.

Documentation available on this site :

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