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These packages are for Debian stable (etch at the time of writing).

To add in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb etch main
deb-src etch main

Replace @VERSION@ with the version of the packages you want to use. See for a list.

You will need to import the Camptocamp PGP key for the packages to be authenticated:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys A37E4CF5
gpg --export -a A37E4CF5|apt-key add -

You can check that the key fingerprint is E57A E302 386A 4E92 8842 4D41 B6A4 0450 A37E 4CF5


Package: *
Pin: release o=c2c
Pin-Priority: 1100


-> Do not set APT::Default-Release "stable"; or it will override the c2c Pin

To have your changes taken into account, type in a command line prompt:

apt-get update

Update notes


Mapserver 4.10.3 (backported from unstable)


New packages with mapserver 4.10.1 (backported from unstable)

20070525 (using 20070419 repository)

Removed PHP from our repository, use the upstream version which contains security fixes. Don't forget to add the security repository to your sources.list and upgrade:

deb etch/updates main contrib non-free

If you encounter the error while installing a PHP packages:

  php5-curl: Depends: php5-common (= 5.2.0-8+etch1) but 5.2.0-8+etch1c2c1 is to be installed

You will need to remove and reinstall the php5-common packages, and all of its dependecies.

apt-get remove --purge php5-common
# Write down the packages that will be remvoed
apt-get install php5-common ... # add there the previously removed packages.


New packages for Debian etch

Packages version:

  • c2c packages:
    • libecw: 3.3-1c2c3
    • pgdijkstra: 1.0.4-2
  • upstream modified:
    • gdal: 1.3.2-4c2c1, (added ecw support)
    • php5: 5.2.0-8+etch1c2c1 (tuned some php.ini defaults, and added dbase)
    • mapserver: 4.10.0-5+etch1c2c1 (changed limits)


New dependency on Debian testing packages. This simplifies the dependencies management for backports. This won't be needed any more once the new Debian release is out.


  • you need the debian testing repository configured in your /etc/apt/sources.list file for this to work.
  • you need to pass the "-t testing" option to apt-get while installing these packages.

Packages version:

  • c2c packages:
    • libecw: 3.3-1c2c2
    • pgdijkstra: 1.0.4-2
    • php5-chameleon: 1.0-1c2c1
  • backports:
    • cgi-mapserver, mapserver-bin, php5-mapscript: backport 4.10.0-1c2c1
    • gdal-bin, libgdal1-1.3.2: backport 1.3.2-2c2c1
    • php5-cli, php5-*, libapache2-mod-php5: backport 5.1.6-5c2c1
  • upstream:
    • postgresql-8.1, postgresql-common, postgresql-8.1-contrib: upstream testing
    • postgresql-8.1-postgis, postgis: upstream testing


Package php5-mapscript may add to your /etc/php5/apache{1,2}/php.ini file.

You need to remove it after or you'll get the CartoWeb message: "WARNING: You are not using PHP as a cgi and PHP Mapscript extension is loaded in your php.ini. This will cause stability problems. You need to remove the php_mapscript extension loading of your php.ini file."

This step is done automatically for all php packages, and handling an exception for php5-mapscript is not trivial. Moreover, this won't be needed once the famous Mapserver bug 1322 ( is fixed.

What you need to install

PHP Mapscript and Apache stuff

apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mapscript libecw

Postgresql and extensions

apt-get install postgresql-8.1-postgis postgresql-8.1 postgresql-common pgdijkstra 


apt-get install gdal-bin mapserver-bin cgi-mapserver

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