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More and more projects are deployed using CartoWeb, so that breaking compatibility means changing all templates in these projects if they want to follow latest CVS. Thus, new developments should try hard not to break compatibility if possible.

For developers it means:

  • Try hard to keep compatibility with existing projects/templates
  • If not possible:
    • Put a section in the page IncompatibleUpdates describing the new incompatibility

    • Explain why compatibility could not be kept, and the reason for the new incompatibility
    • Mail with a subject "[compatibility]" so that people not following closely the list can quickly be informed about such a change (Alexandre Fellay needs this) [IMPORTANT NOTICE: only list members may post on cartoweb-dev ML, mails from any other senders will be discarded without notice]

For CartoWeb users, it means

  • If breaking compatibility is not an option (production, ...) -> Restrict cartoweb to a given date using the --cartoweb-cvs-option '-D "2020-09-05 11:00"' installer option for instance. Or use the deploy infrastructure described on AutomaticDeployment (Recommended solution).

  • If following CVS, be sure to check the incompatible wiki page / follow mails and take the appropriate actions to update the project.

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