CartoWeb 3.5.0
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Advanced Geographical Information System for the Web

Here is a list of common problems and their solutions.


What are Software Prerequisites for Running CartoWeb?

  • A Web Server (Apache is recommended) slots på nätet
  • PHP 5.0.3+
  • MapServer PHP/MapScript (from MapServer 4.4+)

  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS Suppport (Optional)
  • CartoWeb has been successfully tested under GNU/Linux Debian and Windows2000/XP.

What is CVS?

CVS stands for Concurrent Versions System. It is a version control system very useful to handle the work of several developers on the same project and to keep tracks of the applied changes. It is possible to download the latest CartoWeb version using a CVS client software. Windows users may utilize CVS clients such as TortoiseCVS or WinCVS. nät casino

CartoWeb Upgrades

How to Migrate Projects from CartoWeb 3.0.0 to CartoWeb 3.1.0?

In CartoWeb 3.1.0, the DHTML Tools API has been drastically redesigned. If you have customized your CartoWeb application (templates), you might have to make some adaptations. Everything is explained in our DhtmlUpdate section.

Some other instructions are given in Migration300To310 page.

PDF Export

Outline rectangle does not appear in overview map

Make sure that the outline plugin is loaded in client.ini. best online casino

When paper-printed, the PDF scale is incorrect

Uncheck option "shrink to paper size" in your PDF reader print dialog.

JavaScript errors with GUI-mode "rotate"

Make sure that exportPdf.js and dhtmlPdf.js inclusions are placed AFTER the following line in your template cartoclient.tpl:

{include file="dhtmlcode.tpl"}


Strings not translated

If some strings appear not translated on the interface, but you are sure the translation is specified in the .po file, look in the final merged .po file generated by the po2mo script. If you see some lines with "#, fuzzy" (without quote), the lines below it will be ignored when compiled into .mo.

Fuzzy entries appear when merging the .po and 1 msgid has 2 or more different msgstr machine à sous

See: and:

$_REQUEST problems

keymap_x = keymap_y = 0 when hitting <ENTER> key

When hitting <ENTER> key instead of clicking a submit button, browsers consider the first <input type="image"> element found in the HTML flow and do as if this image was clicked in its top left corner. In CW3, the first <input type="image"> is generally the keymap.

To avoid that problem, make sure that your cartoclient.tpl has a <input type="image" name="dummy" alt="" id="dummy" /> element right after the <form> opening. It creates an invisible (see "dummy" selector in CW3 CSS) image that gets "clicked" without any consequence when hitting <ENTER>.

Frequent Error Messages

See the KnownIssues page.

Pgdijkstra Contrib Module

Windows Binaries / Compilation Instructions

It's now available: see PgdijkstraWin32

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